Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM)

If your customer deliverables includes a Digital Terrain Map (DTM), then 3DReshaper is the tool of choice for easy to use ground extraction, contour mapping, and breaking line extraction.

extract terrain ground

Ground Extraction

The Ground Extractor tool in 3DReshaper is the fastest way to get your DTM directly from a point cloud. The tool processes automatically the point cloud in order to obtain a clean and accurate mesh of the terrain. It detects vegetation, cars, road signs, buildings, etc. and is able to find all the points located on the ground.

color along a direction

Color along a direction

Once you have the ground mesh, you will be able to color it along a direction so that the elevation changes are easier to see.

contour lines

Contour Lines

Use also 3DReshaper to compute Contour Lines and either create a report or export them as .DXF to one of your other tools.

breaking lines

Breaking Lines

Massively extract streets, sidewalks or other items using the Extract Breaking Lines tool in 3DReshaper. Automatically find the edges of contours, both convex and concave and adjust the extraction sensitivity, trim, extend, chain or edit your contours to precisely dial in the contours you want.

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